AdVenture Capitalist: Making money has never been more fun

AdVenture Capitalist: Making money has never been more fun

Idlers have gained much love and respect from the gaming community, showing that there IS fun doing absolutely nothing. Here we have Hyper Hippo’s take on idlers like you’ve never seen before.

AdVenture Capitalist’s goal is to be the richest person alive. It offers you the ability to make tons of money using only your fingers. The game is simple; Sell, Buy, Upgrade, and Repeat. If that sounds boring, I assure you it’s not.

The game starts with a freaky monocle guy who tells you the basics of the game in order to become a highly acclaimed Capitalist. You start off on Planet Earth, with, humorously, a single lemon stand. But don’t you worry, once you start getting those moneymaking fingers moving with the help of Adventure Capitalist cheats codes, you’ll eventually be able to reach massive amounts of money.


Everything in this game is pretty simple, you click the “product” image or its progress bar, wait for its timer to finish, then poof, profits. The game also allows you to upgrade your products by buying more of them. After earning a bunch of money, the game introduces you to managers. These managers offer specific boosts and the first ones make you able to earn profits without clicking and also allows you to earn while offline.


After upgrading your lemonade stand quite a few times, you’ll notice that there’s an orange bar on the bottom of the product image slowly building up. Once this bar is filled, you’ll get an additional boost to your product’s speed or profit. You can see the details of these unlocks on the Unlocks menu on the left side of your screen.

These unlocks are your primary way to increase profit as some of them gives you whopping bonuses you would not be able to advance the game without. The most noticeable increase that I’ve seen on the game is on the Moon, where one product upgrade unlocks gave me x5555 of profit for that single item. If you’re stuck without progress in your Upgrades menu, this is where you should focus.


Story-wise, there isn’t any. This game just revolves a lone capitalist (you) who starts out with on his/her (yes, there is a gender switch if you click your character picture on the top left) journey to infinite money, and later on outer space exploration.

After you exploit all the riches of Earth, you’ll be given a chance to launch into two other locations, the Moon, and Mars. It pretty much stays the same once you get there, the fundamental difference in my opinion is the difficulty, which increases from Earth, Moon, and Mars respectively.


Since the game is pretty much repetitive from start to finish, most people are actually a little cautious about getting the game. But let me say this, this isn’t like any other idler games out there. The visuals of growing numbers in idle games plus the idea of money equals great deals of addiction. You cannot, and I say you will not be able to set this game down after you play it.

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