All you need to know about Spades Plus

Spades Plus is a new trick card game published by Peak Games that is played by millions worldwide. It features a gameplay similar to the game Hearts on your Windows PC. The only primary difference is that instead of playing Hearts as a trump, you play Spades, thus the name Spades Plus.

You may have heard of the game before on Facebook and Yahoo! Games and you might have enjoyed it a whole lot back then. Good news is that you can now play this highly addictive trick-card game by PeakGames on your mobile phones, both Android and ios.

The rules of the game:

  • Each game comprises of four players split into two teams, with your team mate being the player on the opposite side of the table
  • A regular 52 card deck is used for the game. The lowest card is 2 and the highest being the Ace
  • As per the name Spades Plus, Spades is considered a trump card
  • The game follows a left-hand cycle
  • Coins can be obtained through Spades Plus unlimited coins hack tool that was recently updated in 2016.

Rules on bidding

  1. Each player bids a number of tricks between 0 and 13. The total team bid count must be reached in order to win a game. E.g. If you bid 3 and your teammate bids 2, you must get a combined score of 5 tricks to win the game.
  2. The first player to bid is the player after the dealer.
  3. A 0 bid is called a NIL bid. It’s like declaring that you’ll not win any tricks during the game. It gives a player team bonus points if the player manages to achieve the bid. A -100 point penalty will be applied if the bid is not reached.
  4. If you want to bid NIL before you see your cards, you can call for a BLIND NIL. It’s pretty much the same as the NIL bid but the score and the penalties are doubled.

Let’s start the game

  1. First person to start a trick is called the “Lead”. All subsequent players after the lead should follow the lead’s suit. If the next player can’t follow the lead, they can play any other card.
  2. If a trick contains a Spade, the highest Spade wins; if no spade is present, the highest card that followed the lead suit wins.
  3. Spades may not be led until either
  • A player has played a spade on the beginning of a trick.
  • A player has no other suit left on hand.
  1. A player who plays the first spade “breaks” the spades.

Keeping Score

  1. Final score is counted as 10 x Bid amount + 1 x each trick over the bid. E.g. Team bid is 10, +3 overtricks = 10 bid x 10 win + 3 over tricks. A final score of 103 is given to the team. If the team fails to reach the bid, however, there will be a penalty of 10 x Bid amount on their total score.
  1. Overtrick penalty: If you exceed 10 overtricks in a game, a -100 point penalty will be placed on your scorecard, after which, the counter is reset.
  2. NIL bids scores +100/-100 at win/lose and Blind NIL scores +200/-200
  3. The team who reaches the table score wins the game.

The rules of the Spades game is simple enough to understand, though mastering the game is a whole other thing. If you want to try the game, you can play it on Facebook, or better yet, download it free on iTunes and Google Play.

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