Getting the Best Playing Experience Out of The Blockheads

Getting the Best Playing Experience Out of The Blockheads

With a rise of the sandbox genre in the gaming market, there’s so much freedom on what you can do. Despite being the lord of your world and being able to do anything at will, having no clear goal can mean you’d be doing the same thing over and over again. At times, we can’t be too sure what we want to achieve. Also, if you have a sight in mind, you may not have the necessary tools and resources to get you what you want.

If you’re in a slump, which is pretty normal mind you, here are some tips from the creator of The Blockhead to get your game back in this game.

  1. First and foremost, set some goals for yourself. Surely there is something you want to achieve in the allotted space that is your world. Didn’t you always want to make a mansion-like house in one of your playthroughs or how about design the world akin to your favorite RPG game? These goals will surely pump you up on getting you through the time you’re out of ideas. But first, better get more workbenches to aid you on crafting.
  2. Secondly, crafting can do you wonders. You’ve noticed how zombie apocalypse weapons tend to be two household items stuck together with duct tape? That same thought is applicable to crafting in The Blockheads. If you’d like to ride a donkey, attached a carrot to a stick and lure the donkey until you tame him, or he eats the carrot. But before you can be an expert on crafting, you’ll have to cover a lot of ground to get the necessary resources for great items.
  3. Third, no man is an island. Having another blockhead in your world will help you speed things through. It’s almost like having another pair of hands, wait, those are another pair of hands. Nonetheless, having something to help you craft or forage is going to lighten up the workload.
  4. Fourth, agriculture is not a joke; after all, it’s one of the ways a country flourished. Planting will is always a great idea. If you’re a veteran of the Harvest Moon franchise, you’re pretty much familiar with how planting works.
  5. Fifth, earning crystals can be hard. Really hard. This is why The Blockheads cheats exist in first place to help with it.

Though it can take some time before your hard labor bears fruit, figuratively; if you planted them near your house, you’ll have a much easier time to reap your rewards. One of the best plants to mass produce is flax due to its durability as a textile source and it grows just anywhere in the world. Not only that but you’ll have six or seven bags of seed from every bunch of flax.

  • Pain is bad for your blockhead just as it is in real life. If your blockhead incurs any damage, it’ll take a lot longer to perform any tasks. To counter the state of perpetual agony, give your blockhead the chance to sleep or let him eat. Coffee is a luxury but if you manage to refine some for your own, that will also help take out the pain.
  • Last but not the least, pick axes are a thing. You’ll notice that the amount of digging or mining actually burns off the general part of your day. Mining is a big thing since it’s the main source of precious stones and the best way to gain durable resources.

If you’re keen on getting better equipment, mining is a great way to find the crafting materials. Ideally, you’ll also get the chance to explore deeper since your pick axe won’t be breaking out on you.

One last thing to remember as well- ladders are your friends. No one wants to stay in the dark pits from mining so much!

Now, you’re on your way to enjoying a great time as a Blockhead!

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