Pokemon GO GPS spoof hacking

By now, everyone should be familiar with the latest smartphone game craze called Pokemon Go.

Whether you are an active player of the game or someone sick of kids running through your backyard for a Pikachu, it seems just about everyone has some knowledge of it.

Now we know the game provides a fun way for people to get outside, mingle, and get some exercise; but what about the people who want to play the game WITHOUT all the walking?

Heres an article just for you!

Pokemon GO requires players to walk around in search of pokemon. Once you find them, you have different options to evolve them or make them stronger. You won’t find some of the best pokemon by simply walking around your home either. The game uses the GPS feature in your phone to track your steps. You’ll have to walk quite a distance to catch the better pokemon, evolve them, or hatch eggs collected at pokestops.

Of course, it didn’t take long for people to start figuring out clever (often hilarious) ways to trick the game into thinking you’re moving more than you really are or that you’re even in a different location than you really are called GPS Spoofing. This isn’t related to hacking tools like Pokecoins generator that we don’t recommend using.

Some people are taping their phones to their pets back and letting the pets run about in the yard (careful! This could lead to some pretty damaged phones), taping them to ceiling fans, or even using remote control airplanes with their phones attached to fly around and accumulate steps.

Pretty recently a GPS spoof has been used to trick the phone into thinking you are in another location. Maybe you live in a rural area and aren’t satisfied with your cities selection of pokemon and would rather have a bigger selection such as those in major cities like New York or Los Angeles.

There are a few ways to achieve this, but proceed with caution. If detected, your account can be banned and all progress loss. If you’ve been cheating the whole time like a lot of us, the benefit may outweigh the risk.

The first way is to use a rooted or jailbroken smartphone, install Cydia, and search for the required source and master pokeball. There are many tutorials online which will give exact steps on how to root or jailbreak your phone and continue through the app called Cydia.

Another way is to use a site called Pokevision. You’ll be able to search for the exact pokemon you want, find the coordinates for said pokemon, then put in those coordinates on an app called FakeLocation (found in the google play store). It will then mock that GPS location, you can restart your game, and in an instant have the desired pokemon all while eating ice cream on your couch.

Make sure to not update locations frequently between far distances (such as going from New York to Sweden within 2 hours) to avoid raising those red flags and getting your account banned.

Happy hunting, gamers!

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