Understanding how dual sim card phones work

Nowadays, there are a lot of smartphones with dual sim card features but have you really understood how it works and how you could benefit from it? Well duals sim cards are really useful and you may not know it. Read on to find out.

There are smartphones equipped with two slots of sim cards and they often come with sim managers. This is how you could manage the dual sim feature of your phone. Here, you decide which sim you want to use and you may manage data usages of the two sims. Depending on your phone’s brand, you could actually decide which sim you want to handle calls, connect with 3G or 4G, and other options. There are also messaging apps now supporting dual sim.

Choose which sim you want to send a message. Go SMS Pro, for example, has a dual sim support in their app.
There is no special rate in using two sim cards. Basically, you just have to choose which sim you want to use in calling locally or for long distance, and choose which one you want for browsing the internet. Most users opt for the usual rates and they just choose the plan they want depending on their needs.

There are a lot of smartphones now offering dual sim features. Among the best are:

  • Sony Xperia C
  • Sony Xperia Z3
  • LG G Pro lite
  • HTC Desire 601 dual SIM
  • Huawei Honor 6
  • Nokia E6
  • Lenovo P780
  • Galaxy Grand 2 Duos
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos
  • Alcatel One Touch Idol X

You may wonder, what if you get a call to your two sims at the same time? Well, one will have to opt for voicemail. Dual sim devices only have the capacity for communication one line at a time. You may also wonder if you could carry two sims with different service providers. That depends on your smartphone actually. As long as the operator is not blocked from your smartphone, you’re good to go.

Dual sim phones have a lot of uses. They are particularly useful when you’re going abroad and if you’re doing business. Basically, you could have just one single device instead of having two devices to manage. You might consider purchasing a smartphone with such feature.

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