Win in Mobile Strike by Focusing on Climbing the Research Tree

Mobile Strike requires a ton of tactical and strategical insight to truly become a good player. It is always acceptable for newbies to adopt the way of rushing to lay waste on their enemies. But to graduate to intermediate, let alone advanced level, requires doing all the little details that make your troops and units shine. Getting to use gold cheats like MobileStrikeHack is always a fallback option to gain an advantage over your enemies.

The reason why this is because there are so many different things to keep track of. For one, researching has four paths you can choose. For starter, Commander research tree improves abilities of your commander hero unit. From Commander Critical Hit to Trap attack, there are many things to keep track of to advance in this research leg. We recommend picking up Energy Recovery and Energy Cost Reduction as they are the two abilities that will keep your commander alive in the early game phase.

Combat Research is the primary research the early game should be focused on. Without upgrading your troops with abilities like training Speed and Infantry Attack, it would prove to be too difficult to defend against the early rushing enemy infantry units. Rocket Artillery at the end of the research tree is something that everyone should watch out for because once you have it, it’s game over baby.

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